Dates 2017

February 26           Resolution Run Race 1 – Testicular Cancer Awareness

July 23                    Resolution Run Race 2 – Depression and Suicide Prevention

November 12         Resolution Run Race 3 – Prostate Cancer Awareness



February 25           VIRTUAL RACE ONLY   The only thing we will be providing on the day at this stage is medals.  Every distance is the same price!  Run any which way you want to get your distance!

June 17                      Junk in the Trunk Run- running for mental health and clearing the emotional Junk in your Trunk.

October 21              Run for Prostate Cancer






Distances at each Event:

800km Kiddy Dash

3 km Run/Walk

7.3 km Run/Walk

14 km Run

Half Marathon


Starting Times


7:00 am                       Marathon

8:30 am                       Half Marathon

9:00 am                       14 km

9:30 am                       7.3 km

10:00 am                     3 km

11:00 am                      Kiddy Dash


7:30 am                       Marathon

9:00 am                       Half Marathon

9:30 am                       14 km

10:00 am                       7.3 km

10:30 am                     3 km

11:30 am                      Kiddy Dash

Event starts and finishes at the corner of Anketell Street and Bartlet Place, Greenway, ACT.

You select the race you would like to participate in and click the link next to it, this will then direct you to a registration page.
If you have entered an event, you will receive an email confirming registration. If you have had the email then yes, you are entered.

If you do not receive an email from us but your account has been charged, your email address may have been entered incorrectly or the email could have gone to junk.  If you are certain you have registered please contact us.

There is no minimum age, however children are classified as anyone under the age of 18, children under 4 years old are FREE.

Race Age limit *Guardian permission
800m Under 16 Guardians are advised to run with child at no extra charge
3km run No age limit Signed Guardian Waiver
7km walk No age limit Signed Guardian Waiver
7km run No age limit Signed Guardian Waiver
14km run 13+ years Signed Guardian Waiver
Half Marathon 16+ Years Signed Guardian Waiver
Marathon 18+ years

*Guardians must be 16+ years of age to run with a child. An adult guardian waiver is required for a child to enter.

Each race has a specific price please refer back to the Events page.
Online entries close 72 hours before the event day.

You can still register on the day in person, up to 15min before the event.

For the marathon there is a cut of time of 3.5 hours from the start time to have completed the second lap of 28.13km.
Once an event sells out no more positions will be made available online.

If any event sells out and there are withdrawals from the event, the vacant positions will be made available as soon as possible.

You are more than welcome to fundraise for any charity you wish. Each race is aimed at raising awareness to a specific cause relating to men’s health and 100% net profit from the Resolution Run Series is donated to Ozhelp Foundation – Healthy Men at Work, Healthy Men for Life.
You are able to access your tax invoice for your entry fee from within your confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email, it is likely that your email address supplied is incorrect.
Get your work mates together and form your very own corporate team.

Corporations may choose to hire a private marquee for team mates within the finish area.

Contact us for more details.

Each participant must complete their own form. At the end of each form you can select “add another entry” Add as many people as you wish, making sure that all entry details are correct.

Entry receipts for all entries will go to the first person entered.

To start a team the first person to enter should simply follow the team prompts after clicking “enter now”. Each subsequent member can then enter and search for that team during the entry process.

Please note that a team password required to register.

The administrator will be emailed with a unique log in page where they can see all members listed. Please keep this email safe as you will need it to log into your page.

IMPORTANT: The receipt(s) for team payments can be accessed via the team administrator. The name and address that appears on standard team receipts will be the first person entered in that transaction. This function cannot be altered. Each team requires a minimum of three competitors.

Team results will be listed online in order of time.

Event upgrade can be made online up to two weeks before the event. Contact us by email if you wish to upgrade your event.

Changes made within the last two weeks will incur a $15 per entry fee.

No changes on the race day are permitted.

Please be aware that you cannot upgrade into a sold out event. If positions into a sold out event do become available, they will be made available at the earliest convenience possible. If you chose to upgrade your event, you will be required to pay the difference between the two events.

Event downgrades can be made online up to two weeks before the event. Contact us by email if you wish to downgrade your event.

Changes made within the last two weeks will incur a $15 per entry fee.

No changes on the race day are permitted.

Please be aware that you cannot downgrade into a sold out event. If positions into a sold out event becomes available, they will be made available at the earliest convenience. There will be no refund.

When entering the resolution runs the terms and conditions must be accepted by each individual entrant.

Please take care when entering as entries are non-transferable.

Online entries will close 3 days before the event date.

Refunds will only be given when participants in an event are unable to participate due to medical reasons that are supported by a current medical certificate outlining the condition(s). Please note a 50% administration fee will be deducted.

Please note no refunds will be issued if an event is cancelled for any reason.

Event participants opting to pay with Visa or MasterCard will incur a 2.0% credit card surcharge fee.

Yes, you do not have to run or walk together to be in a team. But please remember that you must start in the correct start group for your bib.
You can have as many team members as you wish, entered into any event.

You must have a minimum of 3 team members.

It can take up to 48 hours for your team name to be processed. We must manually accept team names. You will receive an acceptance or rejection email once your team name has been reviewed.
Please email us your name and the name of the team you wish to join. If your team captain has set a password please ensure you include this password in your email.
There are 2 types of payment options:

“Pay Now” – by selecting ‘Pay Now’ all entrants who choose to enter your team will be required to pay for their entry when they register.

“Pay Later” – by selecting ‘Pay Later’, the TEAM CAPTAIN is electing to pay for their team members entries. When a participant registers into a ‘Pay Later’ Team, they won’t be required to pay for their entry as the Team Captain has elected to pay for it at a later date. In this case, your team must be password protected.

IMPORTANT – Please remember that any entrant in a pay later team is not a registered participant until their entry is paid for. Make sure that you pay for your team before the event sells out!

Team Captains – to log into your team management area where you can make a team payment.

If you have entered in this event already, or a previous resolution race, you will have a personal account log in and password. This log in will direct you to your Members hub where you can:

  • View/edit personal details
  • Track communication
  • Review purchases
Public transport is the best way for participants and spectators to get to and from the Resolution run series.
Car parking is available in the car parks along Anketell Street and Pitman Street.  There is also ample parking along Cowlishaw Street.  Please avoid parking in the Gym and Pool car parks. Please adhere to all parking restrictions.  Where possible car pooling is recommended.
Emergency parking is situated on Bartlet Place. Please keep this area clear.
Be sure you have arrange a clear meeting place for your family/friends or team. We recommend meeting in the assembly area. The start line will be very crowded and a difficult meeting place.
The Gear Drop opens at 0600 and will be located near registration.

On cold days there will be a clothing bin located at the start line and on the other side of the lake at the water table near the scout hall.  These bins will be bought to the gear drop area for collection.  We take no responsibility for any lost or damaged items. Please take only what is yours.

Clothing and bags left anywhere but at the Gear Drop/Collection points will NOT be taken care of.

Any clothing that is not tagged and left at the event will be donated to charity.

Gear Drop procedure

  • Write your bib number on the wristband provided and attach the band to your bag.  The band will be removed once you have collected your gear.
  • After your run you will be asked again to show your bib to collect your bag from the Gear Collection point.

We strongly advise you not to leave valuables such as wallets, keys or phones in the bag drop zone. Whilst all care will be taken to care for your belongings, Event organisers and volunteers will not be held liable for any items that are lost, stolen or damaged.[/vc_toggle]

If you have lost or damaged your bib or timing chip you can buy a replacement bib from the registration marquee for $20.

Do not bend the chip or leave the chip in areas subject to heat or water damage.

Please surrender you bib after the race.

Unless prior arrangements have been made all participants are required to collect their race bib from the registration tent on the day.
If you have lost or damaged your bib or bib tag you can buy a replacement bib from the registration marquee for $20. Please bring your eTicket with you.

If I believe that my timing chip has been damaged, it is best to pick up a replacement from registration.

Do not bend the chip or leave the chip in areas subject to heat or water damage.

When required there will be portable toilets located at the main gathering areas. There are public toilets on the main path near Bartlet Pl.
Registration opens for bib collection a minimum one hour before race start.

Registration for on the day entries closes 15 minutes prior to race start.

As our events are at different times of the year please refer to the Events page and look at the table for your event start time.
Event organisers strive to ensure that they provide a duty of care to all participants and staff, with the well-being of individuals being paramount. In cases of extreme weather or other emergencies and with the advice of authorities the event organisers will make the decision to cancel the event. Notification of cancellation will be posted on the homepage of the www.resolutionrunseries.com.au page and on social media sites. Cancelled events will not be rescheduled and no refunds will be given.
All running events will utilise electronic timing. Your personal race time or net time will be recorded as you cross the timing mat on the start line and will finish when you cross the finish line mats.

Your official time for category placing is based on your gun time and does not take into account your net time.

Please stay least 10m clear of the timing mat before and after your race.  Unless advised otherwise do not approach the timing tent.   They have a critical role to play and must not be interrupted.

Your race bib number, including your timing bib tag, is assigned to a particular start time. If you do not make your allocated start time then your recorded time will be incorrect.
There will be drink stations near the start and finish lines as well as along the course. Drink station locations are listed on each race map.
Yes, however please start at the back of your group and be mindful of other runners wishing to overtake. Please keep to the left of and do not block the track.
The use of iPods and other music players while competing carry an inherent risk of injury and we discourage their use by participants. If you do choose to run with an iPod, please ensure that you are still able to hear what is happening around you, ensure that you are still able to hear instructions from course marshals and please be very wary of other competitors who may be wanting to pass you.
Sorry, no pets.
No pets



hand cycles



fire arms



  • Please no pushing to get over the line, the bib tags ensure that you record an accurate start time based on when you cross the line.
  • Please listen to the announcers for important last minute instructions.
  • Please keep to the left unless overtaking. One section of the course may have runners travelling in both directions please keep left
  • Watch your footing for ramps, curbs and potential hazards.
  • Please arrive at least an hour prior to race start times and listen to the start marshals for important information
Capture your experience at the resolution race series. Event photography will be available for purchase online. Visit the Gallery.

By taking part, all participants, volunteers and spectators agree that they are happy for their names and image/likeness on any video footage, stills or photographs taken during the events to be used by the Resolution Run Series for commercial and/or fundraising purposes including but not limited to television broadcasts, advertising, publication, marketing material, merchandise, personal direct mail and other documents that may be made available to the public.

If you are an entertainment act interested in becoming involved, please contact us.
If you have registered for a race and fancy yourself as being a pacer on the day then please contact us.
Information on Road Closures will be made available on the website closer to the event once the finer details have been confirmed. Once confirmed, this information will be updated frequently to ensure that the most up to date and relevant information is provided.
Once you have crossed the finish line, please keep moving towards recovery area where you will receive you finisher’s medal.

Please do not wait for friends and family just past the finish line. This creates congestion for runners finishing after you.

Please surrender your race bib and get your fruit.

Yes – Bib Return. Please hand your bib to help in minimising land fill. Thank you in advance for keeping Lake Tuggeranong stunning.
Results will be available online soon after the event where you will also be able to download your finisher’s certificate. You can also view your race day photos and video online.
Photography for place-getters will happen straight after each race. Series winners will be announced at the Resolution Run Ball.
Please make use of our Contact Form Here for any inquiries.
Should you injure yourself while at the event please report this as soon as possible to event personnel or first aid.
Please don’t compete if you have been sick or have had a viral infection in the two weeks prior to race day. You may potentially be putting your own health and the health of fellow runners at risk if you do so.

There will be a first aid tent at the Start/finish line. They will provide immediate assistance and if further assistance is required, such as transportation to hospital, all costs are incurred by the patient.

Please remember to hydrate before, during and post event.

It is recommended that all participants wear sunscreen and a hat.

The Resolution Run Series is managed by the for-profit company Grey Hen Productions Pty Ltd.

100% net profits from the Resolution Run Series are donated to OzHelp Foundation – Healthy Men at Work, Healthy Men for Life.