About the RRS

Who Are We?

The Resolution Run Series is all about raising funds for and awareness of Men’s Health. A series of three charity fun runs throughout the year to encourage families and individuals embrace life and challenge themselves whilst having a good time doing it.

Why the Resolution Run Series?

We feel there is insufficient dialogue and ease of openness when discussing the topics of men’s health.  Even on radio when we were given a plug for our event on raising awareness for testicular cancer the radio announcer could not bring

We are committed focusing the attention on raising awareness to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity and to our men living happier, healthier and longer lives.

We also donate 100% of the net profits raised by the Resolution Run Series to charities that support men’s health and also to local organisations that support the series.

What is the Resolution Run Series?

Resolution Run Series is an opportunity of genuine achievement over the course of a year. Families and individuals are offered a choice of timed runs or walks and the chance to enroll in a rewarding, challenging fitness and lifestyle program whilst helping spread the word on Men’s Health.

We all know it’s easier to get behind something when the whole family is involved. From the 800m Kiddy Dash and 7.3k walk plus with running distances of 3k, 7.3k and 14k, half marathon and marathon the Resolution Run Series has something for everyone of all ages and abilities.