About Virtual Races

About the Resolution Run Series Virtual Racing

For those that can’t make it to our actual events you can now Run, Walk or Crawl for men’s health with our virtual racing series.  Registering for one of our events that can be completed at your chosen time for your chosen distance at a location that you choose. Registration includes a medal at the end of the event once your time and distance has been submitted. The distance can be done at one time or cumulative up to two weeks past the actual Resolution Run Series date. You must run, walk or crawl the distance and you cannot use incidental activity as part of your distance.

If you entered an actual race and could not make it on the day then you have two extra weeks to make up your distance and submit your time to still receive your medal – this is at no extra charge.

You can race your friends all over the world!

What do I do after registration?

Once you have registered, you complete your distance and then you can share your results by through the ‘Submit Your Time and Distance’ form.

How much of the registration fee goes to the charity?

The Resolution Run Series donates 100% of net profit to charities that support men’s health.

Do I have to complete my distance at once or can I complete my distance cumulatively?

Yes to both, you have the choice to complete your distance at one time or cumulatively.

How do I track my results?

You can use an app like Map My Run or Strava or multiple other type apps. You can also use a GPS watch.

Do I have to provide my results to get my medal?

Yes – please advise us if you do not want your results to be shared.  The reason for this is that we want you to resolve to complete your commitment to yourself.  If you don’t submit your time you will not receive a medal.  You will receive your medal and official letter stating your time and distance.

What if I want to collect all the medals but I miss a race?

At the last race of the year we open all races up for a limited time where you can “catch-up” and have to opportunity to get that medal you missed out on.  You will need to register for the race again.  Please note that you can only get one medal for each registration.

If I do what to share my results and photo, where can I do this?

You can share your results through the ‘Submit Your Time and Distance’ form. You can take a photo of your GPS watch or screen shot of your app or just provide your results in text.  Photos with you in it will be added to our website gallery for prosperity and we will watermark it with the race that you completed.  Feel free to post to the Resolution Run Series Facebook page although these entries will not be added to the final results spreadsheet.  It will be for your fun only.

There will be a document on the Resolution Run Series Facebook page listing all results so you can compare your efforts.  These will be separate to the actual race day results.  We will upload this to the website once the virtual event has closed.

When will my medal arrive?

Medals will be shipped once the virtual event has closed. Generally around three weeks past the actual race date.

Price Qty
Resolution Run - Virtual Race $35.00 (AUD)